In late March, RFF held a garage sale at the College Park Cristian Church. It was an immense success, yielding almost 20% more than any of our garage sales in the past. We attribute this success to the fantastic welcome we received from the church. The facilities truly were a blessing, and the congregation provided enormous support to us. The welcome and support of the church were made possible by Gene Megli, a long-time volunteer at RFF. Gene was the one who made arrangements for the sale to be held at his church. On February 21st Gene was taken from his family and from us here at RFF, and all of us miss him. His dedication to RFF was, and is, an inspiration. We at RFF dedicated this sale and its success to Gene.

A successful sale needs inspiration but it also requires perspiration. Marilyn and Don Kammler led the team at RFF. We thank them for organizing the sale and for leading the clean-up afterward. While they were essential to the success of the sale it would not have been possible without the many hours our steadfast volunteers gave to RFF in this winning effort. We want to thank each and every one of them.