Wivine Mbuilu and her six children immigrated to central Illinois from The Congo. Wivine is a widow—her husband passed away unexpectedly while planning the move; the family moved anyway. Wivine holds a master’s degree so the family had some means to travel, coming to Bloomington and bunking with friends.

Her children ranged in age from preschool through teenagers. Their father told them, “Always speak and use English,” and they’ve taken this to heart. Wivine is unable to take ESL classes because she works full time at State Farm in the evenings cleaning offices after staying home with the younger children during the day. The older ones have stepped up, taking responsibility and just doing what’s necessary to make it work.

The family began to attend Calvary Baptist church every week. They were asked why and responded, “We just want to pray and worship together.” So a Bible study was formed with a French translator who expanded on the weekly sermon.

Thanks to you, RF4F was able to provide beds for everybody in the family, as well as dressers, table and chairs, and other living room items.

We wish the Mbuilu family our very best.