Thank you for your donations! Your donated furniture, household items, vehicles, and monetary support make living spaces into homes for local families in need.

Since 2003, we’ve helped more than 23,000 people in about 9,500 households, many of whom lack basics like beds and tables and chairs. We’ve averaged furnishing 10 apartments of furniture WEEKLY since 2003. Your furniture and household goods donations are VITAL to give pre-screened families beds to sleep in, dressers for their clothes and tables and chairs so they are not sleeping and eating on the floor. Giving away free stuff costs us money. We need monetary donations to conservatively heat and cool our warehouse, put gasoline in our moving trucks, etc.

“I am going to get in my car and shut the windows and scream for joy.”
(What a woman with a job and two children who was fleeing domestic violence told one of our volunteers after picking out beds and other basics. They were sleeping on borrowed pillows on the floor.)

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*All residential, vehicle, and monetary donations are tax deductible as itemized deductions.
A written receipt will be provided upon request.