Our FEIN # is 37-1372144

“I would like to thank you and your ministry for blessing us with items we truly needed for our new home….The woman who helped my wife and I is truly a servant with a servant’s heart and the love and compassion of Jesus in her. May God continue to bless you and your awesome ministry.”
(Excerpt of thank-you note from a family we helped.)

Recycling Furniture for Families is primarily a faith-based ministry, relying on free-will financial support from our community. There are many ways you can support RF4F with your donations. Here are just a few:

Help ensure our clients receive their furniture
It costs $32 covers the cost of furniture delivery to our client families for one day.

Help keep our delivery trucks in operable condition
RF4F uses volunteer groups to help deliver furniture to our clients as well as pick up furniture donations from the community. These trucks need some TLC with all the wear and tear they get. $65 pays for the maintenance on our trucks to keep them running for one month.

Fund a family
Currently it costs RF4F approximately $250 to provide household furniture to a family. This includes a bed for each family member, a sofa, and other items including dressers, kitchen tables, sofas, coffee tables, end tables, etc. On average each household receives 15 pieces of furniture along with boxes of household basics. Costs include operating trucks to pick up furniture donations and a large warehouse where furniture is cleaned and organized to make it easy for the people we help to pick out their items. Your donation today means one less child, woman or man is sleeping and eating on the floor tomorrow.

Keep the lights on at RFF
In order to store and display our furniture we need space! It costs around $1,100 for our utility bills each month.

By Check
You can donate by check. Checks should be made payable to Recycling Furniture for Families 515 North Center Street Bloomington IL 61701 You can also donate online at our website.