Please check your emails and/or mailboxes for Recycling Furniture for Families newsletter. The newsletter outlines the great work this organization performs in our community but I would like you to read one article in particular related to a client named Wivine Mbuilu. Ms. Mbuilu moved to Bloomington from The Congo with her six children after her husband was tragically killed while the family was planning their move to the United States. Recycling Furniture for Families was able to provide basic household furnishings for this family  in great need due to the generosity of this community. This organization provides help to approximately 600 families in need per year. Our financial support is funded primarily by private donations and we need your financial support to maintain our services to our community. Please remember to keep us in mind when you are making your financial charitable donations for 2014. If you have received a newsletter via the mail a self-addressed envelope is enclosed to facilitate mailing in your financial donation or you can mail your donation to:

Recycling Furniture for Families

515 N Center

Bloomington, IL 61701

You can also visit our website and make an online donation at

If you have not received our newsletter and would like one please email Barbara Torres with your name and address at and she will make sure she sends you our newsletter and adds you to our mailing list.

Thank you all for your support and have a blessed day !