Jerry has lived in the area for 25 years and began volunteering for RF4F as an assistant driver several days a week. After seeing just how important his role was to the organization
and especially to the families, Jerry has now become a regular weekly driver. When not volunteering, Jerry works for a global technology manufacturer providing an extensive list of IT services, office hardware and software, and document management for businesses. He also enjoys spending time with his two sons doing outdoor activities, going to the gym, and visiting with family and friends.

Of his experience volunteering for RF4F, Jerry says that it is rewarding because, “Sometimes we get so involved in our own lives that we forget how truly blessed we really are. Volunteering is a way of giving back to the community” and that what surprised him most about working with RF4F is that, “It has opened my eyes to how the things I take for granted means so much to someone with so very little. Before I worked for RF4F
I would drive by houses with household items on the boulevard for trash pickup and wouldn’t think twice about it. Now I see items on the boulevard and think that someone less fortunate could use that for their home.” This is particularly evident when college semesters end and furniture seems to multiply on the sidewalks. Jerry also notes that with, “Federal, State and local funding . . . stretched to its limits . . . our local service agencies will more and more need to look to organizations such as RF4F for help.”

As a dedicated, passionate volunteer, Jerry wants others considering volunteering for RF4F
to know that, “If you want change in your life try volunteering for RF4F. It does make a difference. It’s easy to place your household items on the curb hoping someone else will pick them up. It only takes a few minutes to make a phone call to RF4F and that call will make a difference in someone’s life. Whether you are thinking about monetary or household goods donations, please visit the website” In closing, Jerry would
also like to emphasize that “RF4F is a Christ centered ministry helping families in need and
the volunteer work makes a true difference in our community.”